Guy practices in the areas of commercial litigation and administrative law.

Guy’s commercial litigation practice involves all types of legal disputes relating to business including claims involving the sale of land, claims between landlord and tenant, disputes between shareholders, claims for payment for the supply of goods or services, and disputes between employees and employers. Guy’s practice also includes contesting wills and other disputes involving estates.

Guy’s administrative law practice involves the assessment of real property and representing individuals subject to discipline by their professional organizations or regulatory authorities.

Education and Bar Admission

  • B. Comm.: University of Saskatchewan, 1978
  • LL.B.: Dalhousie University, 1978
  • Called to the Bar:  British Columbia, 1980

Professional Experience

  • Sale of land: claims for specific performance for the sale of land or damages for the failure to transfer land or breach of agreement to transfer the appropriate land including the related claims against real estate agents and claims for real estate commission
  • Breach of fiduciary duty: claims for breach of fiduciary duty in relation to business and other relationships
  • Shareholders’ oppression: claims that groups of minority shareholders have been unfairly treated by the majority shareholders
  • Fraudulent conveyances and fraudulent preferences: claims by creditors that owners of property have improperly transferred assets to avoid paying the creditors
  • Landlord and tenant: negotiated the termination of many long-term leases, obtained injunctions to prevent removal of buildings from land, and claims for rent after termination of lease by tenant
  • Franchise and distribution agreements: claims that franchise and distribution agreements have been terminated without proper notice
  • Securities law:  claims against brokers and representing individuals subject to investigation by the Securities Commission
  • Insurance: claims against insurers that have refused to pay insured losses
  • Employment: claims against employers relating to the termination of employment
  • Professional negligence:claims against professionals for failing to act in accordance with the standards of their profession
  • Products liability: claims against manufacturers on the basis that their products are dangerous
  • Wills and estates: claims against the assets of deceased persons resulting from wills that do not make adequate provisions for spouses or children, and claims that wills have been affected by improper means
  • Solicitors’ accounts: reviewing lawyers’ accounts to clients to ensure that they are proper
  • Property assessment: determining valuations, classifications and exemptions for property taxation
  • Professional discipline: representing members of professional organizations that are subject to investigation or discipline by their professional bodies

Professional Activities

  • Member of the executive of the Vancouver Bar Association, 1989 – 1990
  • Speaker for the Continuing Legal Education Society of BC

Professional Memberships

  • Canadian Bar Association
  • Vancouver Bar Association


Guy plays hockey and coaches two hockey teams. He also rides a road bike, plays golf and tennis and studies karate.