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Family law practice in British Columbia has evolved significantly in the past ten years. Our practice reflects this change by offering a range of services and approaches to meet the different needs of individual clients.

Our primary approach is to achieve a negotiated settlement that is satisfactory to our clients, as economically as possible. In addition to traditional negotiation methods, we also use mediation in appropriate cases. Dinyar Marzban, Scott Booth and Jane Reid are certified family law mediators and can be retained in that capacity.

The cost of litigation, even on a limited scale, can be prohibitive and the outcomes are often not predictable with any accuracy. Nevertheless, litigation is sometimes the appropriate option and it remains a major part of our practice. Litigation cases must be conducted efficiently and economically, bearing in mind the complexity or value of what is at stake. JML is fortunate to have family law counsel ranging in experience from three years to 25 years of practice.