In November 2010, the Canadian Construction Documents Committee will introduce three new contract forms:

  • CCDC 5A – 2010     Construction Management Contract – for Services;
  • CCDC 5B- 2010       Construction Management Contract – for Services and Construction; and
  • CCDC 17 – 2010     Stipulated Price Contract Between Owner and Trade Contractor for Construction Management Projects.

The two different construction management forms of agreement reflect the development of the construction management concept in the industry, distinguishing between the traditional “Owner’s Agent” approach (the CCDC 5A form) and the increasingly common “Construction Manager at Risk” approach (the CCDC 5B form).  Jenkins Marzban Logan LLP has prepared brief summaries to provide a quick introduction to the significant changes and new concepts, available here (CCDC 5A and 5B) and here (CCDC 17)