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At Jenkins Marzban Logan LLP, we provide the highest level of legal service across construction law, family law, commercial litigation, and mediation and arbitration. In these areas of law, JML is a top-ranked firm.  We strive to maintain a boutique atmosphere that fosters openness and strong client relationships.

Our Expertise

In our key practice areas of construction law, family law, commercial litigation, and mediation and arbitration, we bring a breadth of experience and specialized knowledge. Highly rated by clients and peers, our lawyers take a personalized approach to client relationships—quickly adapting to fit changing requirements. We thrive on challenge and pride ourselves on being successful, flexible and efficient.

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We appreciate the diversity of our clients. On the construction side, we work with independent local professionals and large national companies. On the family side, we thoughtfully navigate all needs and circumstances. While our approach is particular to each client, we always bring pragmatism and empathy to the table.


Prior to starting JML, Bob Jenkins, Dinyar Marzban, and John Logan were all proud partners at the venerable law firm of Russell & DuMoulin (now Fasken), where they had the privilege of practicing with and learning from some of the best lawyers, and former Judges, in Canada. Bob was practicing construction law, John was involved in construction law and commercial litigation, and Dinyar was practicing family law.

Bob and John decided that it would be fun to start their own law firm, specializing in construction law and commercial litigation. Bob had lots of clients and John had a good sense of humour, so it seemed like a good fit. Dinyar heard about the decision and insisted on being involved, reasoning that although family law might not seem a perfect match, he had the same sense of humour. It was critically important to the founders to have fun at work and a life outside of work. The firm was born on April 1, 1994. Many people bet against it lasting more than six months.

Law firms do not operate with just lawyers. It takes an excellent support staff to have a successful firm. The staff do much of the important work with little of the glory. The founding partners were particularly lucky to have wonderful, loyal staff from the start. Otherwise the six-month bet against the firm would surely have paid off.

The founding partners had no expectation that the firm would grow. The thought was that if we treated our clients the way we would want to be treated, they’d stay with us. The focus was essentially to remain solvent during the startup period. During the first few months of operation, all of our clients were asked if they would mind paying their bills right away. They did, and we still remember that.

Over the years, largely through the marketing efforts of our existing clients and other lawyers, we developed a client list that most lawyers would envy and all would respect. We know how lucky we are. Those clients and lawyers played a big part in the firm’s success.

As a result of the ever-growing client list, we had to hire people. We have always been intentional about who we hire. We want people who are smart, nice to deal with, and practical. We want people who will make it fun to come to work. We usually hire people like that whether we need them immediately or not. So far that strategy has worked well, and we now have a team of 40 people.

Nearly three decades later, and despite being an unlikely combination, our construction and family law departments have become two of the top ranked boutique law practices in Canada.  Bob, John, and Dinyar were all eventually appointed Queen’s Counsel, and Bob is now Mr. Justice Jenkins, along with two other JML alumnae, Madame Justice Grace Choi and Mr. Justice Bill Veenstra.

As a direct result of the excellent people who have come on board over the years, the firm is much stronger now than it was at birth. We collected on the six-month bet, and right now there are no new takers. Most importantly, and as it was from day one of the firm, we still have fun at work.

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