Vanessa Werden was thrilled to share this initiative, which has been an ambition of hers since joining the BC Road Builders and Heavy Construction Association Board in April 2022. Following the Board’s strategic planning session in January, the Committee was quickly formed by talented and accomplished women in the industry who strive to lead and inspire. Vanessa is proud to introduce the Women in Road Building Committee:

Tiffany Brebner, Human Resources Manager, TYBO Contracting Ltd.
Teagan Burton, General Manager, Mainroad East Kootenay Contracting LP
Saskia Huesing, Project Superintendent, Emil Anderson Construction
Stephanie Hun, Director of Business Development (Canada), Flatiron Corp.

The Committee’s mandate is to:
1. Deliver initiatives that attract and retain women in the road building and heavy civil construction industries, including opportunities for learning and development, networking, mentorship, and community involvement.
2. Showcase and highlight the existing representation in the industry.
3. Connect and partner with secondary and post-secondary schools, other industry associations, and training programs to advance the Committee’s mandate.

At the annual Fall Conference in September, the Committee will present an exceptional panel, which everyone hopes will be the first of many to achieve the Committee’s mandate. The consequences of representation are validation and confidence-boosting community support. Industry associations are a means to expedite and magnify those impacts by showcasing women who love their work, are committed to their industry, and have found their place in positions of leadership.

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